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About us

Pierefux Petroleum is a wholly owned petroleum company in Zimbabwe with decades of experience in the industry. At its core, it is primarily involved in the marketing and wholesale supply of oil and petroleum derivatives from direct producers and registered vendors within the Middle East (amongst other regions) to the Southern African region.

Pierefux has managed to be on the forefront of its endeavor, through maintaining an impeccable and flawless reputation of trust and transparency, with its strategically curated network of oil suppliers, which places it in a position to offer competitive pricing on its diverse product offerings. Consequently, buyers and sellers alike, continue to periodically engage Pierefux as a competent intermediary and partner for the success of their energy ventures.

Over the years, Pierefux has successfully concluded considerable trade deals of various sizes and complexities, through private player contracts and government tenders, and at some point was a major player in the then Petroleum Marketers of Zimbabwe, represented by its ceo, Mr. Chris Kwaramba.


To be the industry leader and preferred strategic partner as the gateway to Southern Africa region in the trading of energy commodities.


To engage in purpose-driven downstream energy ventures that empower the Southern African community to pursue & excel their dreams through reliable provision of petroleum derivatives.


We believe in Transparency: Transparency to us, is the prerequisite for trust. Accordingly, our relationships are all formed on the foundation of transparency. This means; honesty on product availability & pricing, honesty on procedures & timeframes, and ultimately, honesty on our competence.

We are driven to Succeed: Success to us, is not only when we as a company thrive, but it is when we bring value to our industry partners, clients we serve and communities we are a part of, and this is achieved through carefully expanding our network to broaden our horizons, so that as we grow, you all grow too.

We cherish our professional relationships: Relationships are of paramount importance, if not everything to us. We continually strive to establish and maintain genuine relationships with our stakeholders, as that is what keeps us true to who we are.

Value Proposition

As a result of decades in the industry, Pierefux has an understanding and expertise for downstream oil supply through established relationships with reputable and reliable oil vendors, which has created a unique advantage to be a one-stop shop for most energy related products, and on the other hand, Pierefux has nurtured a relationship of trust within the industry from top private & public clients in the region that depend on Pierefux to source their petroleum requirements.

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